What is C3?


C3 is a community dedicated to exploring the relationship between Christianity and culture.  C3 is sponsored by the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas, seeking to engage not just our campus but also the world outside our walls in a conversation about the relationship between ourselves, that world, and Jesus Christ.  The aim of C3 is that through this conversation we can all develop a clarity and depth of faith informed discernment.


1. C3 is conversational.

It thrives on dialogue, exchange, and respectful listening.  Civil discourse is required not just by the rules of the community but by our Lord.

2. C3 is challenging.

We will inevitably encounter sincere believers who do not share all our views.  It is in this context that we can experience “iron sharpening iron” and grow both in truth and in our understanding of it.  Sometimes our views will be changed.  Sometimes they will be re-enforced.  The goal is that, regardless of the outcome, our views and the views of the whole community are subjected to thoughtful review.

3. C3 is creative.

Our God is a creative God and as His children, “made in His image”, we will endeavor to value and model creativity in content, concept and context as we share our understandings with one another.

4. C3 is engaging.

For our words to be heard, the community’s conversation must be meaningful and attractive.  Rather than attempt to compel participation, our aim is for participation, itself, to be compelling.

5. C3 is unique.

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor is proud of its Baptist heritage and seeks to provide leadership to the Church by promoting this critical dialogue in the context of, and on the campus of, a Baptist university.